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The words
Doctors in the United Kingdom have some new [advise / advice] for people with coughs. They are advising people not [to / for] visit a doctor to get treatment. Instead, people who have a cough should drink [nor / or] eat honey or get some medicine from a drugstore. The doctors say that in [most / must] cases, honey and over-the-counter medicines will work and people do not [need / needy] antibiotics. The doctors added that [must / most] of the time, a cough will improve on its [own / owner] within two to three weeks [ever / even] if you take nothing. Many of us visit a doctor at a hospital or [clinic / clinical] if we have a cough. Public health officials in England say this is largely a waste of time. They say antibiotics do [little / lot] to make a cough go away.

Doctors say we are using antibiotics too [many / much] and this can be bad for us. Many viruses and [infections / infectious] are becoming resistant to antibiotics, so medicines are [become / becoming] less effective. Doctors say this is [leading / lead] to the creation of superbugs. These can be very dangerous to our [healthy / health] . The doctors said honey can be very effective in soothing a [sore / thaw] throat and making other symptoms disappear. A hot drink with honey is a [traditional / traditionally] and well-known remedy for coughs and sore throats. People also [add / adding] lemon or ginger to it. Using honey may be better [for / of] children with coughs. Many children do not like the taste of medicine but love the taste of honey. Younger children [general / generally] do not like visiting a doctor.

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