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Astronauts plug space station hole with finger






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Astronauts fixed a hole in the International Space Station (ISS). The ISS is a satellite that scientists do scientific experiments in. Last week, NASA told astronauts that the station was slowly leaking air. Six astronauts looked for the leak. One astronaut found it and used a simple and quick way of stopping the leak. He put his finger over the hole. Luckily, the hole was only two millimeters wide. It was not an emergency, but it did need fixing.

NASA said a small piece of space junk may have hit the ISS, which travels at around 28,000 kph. A tiny object can cause a lot of damage. Flight controllers in the USA and Russia worked with the crew to fix the hole. A cosmonaut used a "space repair kit" to do this. He used some "space tape" and a special glue. NASA said the ISS crew are now safe. It said: "The crew are healthy and safe with weeks of air left in the International Space Station reserves."

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