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Rugby players with tattoos are [being / been] asked to cover them up during next year's World Cup in Japan. The [bequest / request] by the sport's governing body World Rugby is to avoid [offence / offending] people in Japan. It is [somewhat / somewhere] of a taboo in Japan to be seen [in / on] public with a tattoo. Tattoos are usually associated with the [notoriety / notorious] yakuza crime gangs, for whom tattoos are a [source / sauce] of great pride. Many swimming pools, gyms, bath houses and onsen in Japan [band / ban] people with tattoos from using their facilities. However, in 2016, Japan's tourism agency asked onsen to [relax / chillax] their rules. It said tourists had tattoos for very different reasons. The agency suggested [given / giving] tourists stickers to cover their tattoos.

The Rugby World Cup [director / direction] Alan Gilpin said all the competing teams understood the [culturally / cultural] sensitivity in Japan regarding tattoos. He said: "When we [arisen / raised] it with the teams a year or so ago, we were [probable / probably] expecting a frustrated [reaction / react] from them, but there hasn't been at all." He added that the players want to [respect / retract] Japanese culture. He said the [worn / wearing] of a vest used for watersports would be a [form / frame] of "self-policing" among the players. The famous All Blacks rugby team from New Zealand has confirmed that its players will [comply / reply] with the request. It said: "We endeavor to be respectful of the local customs and culture, and this will be [no / not] different when we visit Japan."

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