Gap Fill - Potato Shortage - Level 1


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   average      because      diameter      fries      frozen      growers’      heatwave      hot      lot      national      potatoes      prices      rain      shorter      spokesman      summer      them      usual      very      why  
Europe grew a fewer potatoes this . This means French fries will be up to 3cm shorter than . Europe had a hot summer. It had a long , record high temperatures and very little , so farmers grew 25 per cent fewer potatoes. A potato spokesman in Belgium said this increased potato . It also made the size of potatoes smaller. Smaller potatoes means French fries will be .

The potato shortage is a topic in Belgium. Fries are Belgium's dish. There are over 5,000 shops there that sell fries. Belgians call "Belgian fries" they say the fry was invented in Belgium. Belgium exports lots of fries. The explained fries would be shorter. He said long fries of 8 to 9 cm need potatoes with a of more than 50mm. This summer's smaller means will be shorter.

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