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The words
Restaurants in the UK will [soon / sooner] have to give all tips to their staff. The UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced [news / new] plans that will make it illegal [for / from] restaurants to keep the tips given by customers. For [decadence / decades] , many restaurants have kept most of [the / them] tips customers add to their credit card [payments / pays] or the money customers put in tip jars. Some restaurants use the tips as part of a worker's pay. Many people in England are [angry / angrily] about this. Restaurant workers are among the lowest paid staff in Britain and many of them [relay / rely] on tips to survive. The food and drink [industrial / industry] in the UK is huge. There are over 150,000 hotels, bars and restaurants [on / in] the UK. These employ about two million people.

Many [waiting / waited] staff in the UK are happy that the new law is coming in. They said they were fed [down / up] with international chain restaurants keeping the money that was [meant / means] for waiters. The staff also said restaurant managers often used the tips to help [paid / pay] for the chefs and kitchen staff. Workers at the TGI Fridays restaurant [chin / chain] went on strike earlier this year because of [slow / low] pay. Prime Minister May said the new law would [do / make] sure restaurant workers are treated fairly. She said: "That's why we will introduce [though / tough] new legislation to ensure that workers get to [keep / keeping] all of their tips." A spokeswoman for the restaurant industry said a new law was unnecessary because the industry makes sure working conditions are [fair / fare] .

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