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A university in the UK has voted [to / for] replace hand clapping with 'jazz-hand waving'. The University of Manchester Students' Union voted [on / in] favor of replacing clapping with 'jazz hands' [to / so] respect people who can be negatively [affected / affective] by loud noise. The jazz hands action is the British Sign Language's [frame / form] of clapping. It is simply the practice of waving one's hands [in / on] the air. Students' Union spokeswoman Sara Khan said the vote was taken out of [inspect / respect] for many people who are affected by loud noise, which [include / includes] clapping and cheering. She said many people with [condition / conditions] like autism, sensory issues and [deafness / deaf] tend to avoid public events because of loud clapping and cheering.

The vote has [sparking / sparked] a lot of criticism online. British broadcaster Piers Morgan tweeted that, "Britain is [lost / losing] its mind". The debate even reached as far as the USA, where [firmer / former] Florida governor Jeb Bush tweeted: "Not cool, University of Manchester. Not Cool." Representatives of the Students' Union [smacked / hit] back, saying they represent the majority [of / for] students' views at the university. The Union said: "The policy was passed to encourage the use of British Sign Language clapping [during / daring] our democratic events to make [those / them] events more accessible and inclusive for [every / all] ." It added: "We are not banning [audible / laudable] clapping. We understand that some people may be more comfortable to continue using [them / it] ."

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