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The -famous Sagrada Familia finally has a permit - 136 years after construction on the began. The church agreed to repay $41 million in dating back to 1882, which is when building began. City gave the church 10 years to pay the fees. Barcelona's hailed the agreement. She said the funds would go to that would improve the metro, roads, public services and local neighbourhoods. A resident tweeted: "To improve the environment of this building is to improve the quality of life for citizens and visitors [and] the of Barcelona."

La Sagrada Familia was designed by the famous Antoni Gaudi. He was a modernist artist who also designed many and eccentric buildings and parks in Barcelona. The basilica will be finished in 2026 - 100 years after Gaudi's . It has never had any from local . It was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985. In 2010, the church became a basilica. This is from a cathedral as it is not the of a bishop. It is now one of Barcelona's tourist , attracting an estimated 20 million visitors a year.

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