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The words
The world's longest sea bridge has [opening / opened] . It links Hong Kong and Macau to mainland China. The bridge is called the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and is 55 kilometres [long / length] . The bridge took over a decade to construct. Builders had to make [artificially / artificial] islands in the Pearl River Delta to [provision / provide] the supports for the bridge. There is also a 6.7-kilometre underwater tunnel in the middle [off / of] the bridge. This is to allow ships to [sail / sale] through the Delta. The new bridge stretches longer than 14 Golden Gate Bridges lined [down / up] end to end. The bridge will [greatly / great] cut the time it takes to travel from mainland China to Hong Kong and Macau. The journey time to Macau has [been / being] cut from over three hours to [just / justly] 30 minutes.

Chinese President Xi Jinping [attention / attended] the opening ceremony of the bridge on Thursday. He [hopes / hops] the new crossing will help to [divide / connect] 68 million people in 11 different cities. China's government believes that [down / up] to 29,000 cars will cross the sea link [day / daily] by the year 2030. A trade and tourism expert said: "This makes Hong Kong a lot more [access / accessible] for goods, passengers and trade, so this is a benefit from the economic perspective." The bridge will be open [to / at] tourists to drive across [them / it] . However, local car owners will not be [ability / able] to cross the bridge unless they have a special permit. Most drivers will take a shuttle bus to make the journey. The shuttle buses will cost $8-$10 for a single [trip / trap] .

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