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Huge migrant caravan heads to USA






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A caravan of over 7,000 migrants is walking 1,000 kilometres through Mexico, heading to the USA. They are mainly from Honduras and want a better life in the U.S. Many have young children. They are fleeing from violence and a lack of jobs back home. A reporter said the caravan was "a river of people". They have little food and are tired. Many were deported from the U.S. They want to go back to be with their children who are still there.

The USA made it clear it will stick to its asylum laws. It will turn away anyone who doesn't apply for asylum in Mexico. It has a "zero-tolerance" policy towards migrants. There was anger earlier this year after authorities separated migrant children from their parents. Donald Trump tweeted: "It looks like Mexico's police...are unable to stop the caravan... Criminals and unknown Middle Easterners are mixed in." He said he would cut aid to Honduras.

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Migrant Caravan - Level 5  |  Migrant Caravan - Level 6

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