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The words
The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Canada has [turned / teamed] up with a group of doctors to help [sick / sickness] people. The doctors will prescribe visits to Montreal's art galleries, instead [for / of] giving them medicine. The museum is [currency / currently] taking part in 10 [trials / trails] on patients to find out what effect art has [on / in] health. The patients include people with breast cancer, [eat-in / eating] disorders, epilepsy and mental health problems. Thomas Bastien, director of education and [well / wellness] at the museum, believes that art heals. He said: "We saw that the museum was good for people, so we [decide / decided] to start this program with the doctors. If you're suffering from breast cancer, you could come to the museum and you might [feel / feeling] better."

A doctor who has a [lot / lots] of experience in helping to heal people with art spoke about the [benefits / beneficial] of art therapy. Dr Hélène Boyer said: "There's more and more [science / scientific] proof that art therapy is good for your physical [health / healthy] ." She said looking at art increases hormones released [in / on] our bodies. These hormones are responsible [as / for] our well-being. Dr Boyer said visiting art galleries released the [similar / same] kinds of hormones that are released when [we / they] exercise. Nathalie Bondil, the museum's director-general, said physical activity and art gave [similar / similarity] health benefits. She said: "I am convinced that in the 21st century, art will be [that / what] physical activity was for health in the 20th century."

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