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A French stuntman who specializes [in / on] scaling skyscrapers has been banned from climbing any building in the UK. Alain Robert, 56, was [handled / handed] a 20-week prison sentence on Friday, suspended for two years, for [scrambling / scribbling] up London's 201-metre Heron Tower. Mr Robert, dubbed "the French Spiderman," was also handed a $7,000 [fine / well] for disruption and for [causing / cause] a "large scale" emergency response". Hundreds of people [stooped / stopped] in the street to watch him climb the building and a [numeral / number] of emergency services were called. Using his [usually / usual] climbing method, Mr Robert ascended the London tower using only his [barely / bare] hands. He never uses ropes or other safety [equipment / equip] .

The judge who presided [over / under] Mr Robert's case told the climber: "You are [demonstrably / demonstration] an accomplished climber, but there is always the danger that your actions could be [imitation / imitated] by those less proficient, with potentially [fatally / fatal] consequences." Another judge described the incident [was / as] a "publicity stunt". He pointed [out / up] that it appeared Robert had been [response / sponsored] to climb the building because he was wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the [logo / Lego] of a company. Robert was prepared for his [arrest / detest] . When London Police apprehended him at the foot of the tower on Thursday, he immediately [headed / handed] officers his passport and the telephone number of his lawyer.

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