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A in the USA reports that babies of older fathers may be more to have health problems. Stanford University scientists studied on 40,529,905 between 2007 and 2016 to find out if a father's age affects his child's . Researchers found compared to babies born to fathers aged 25 to 34, babies born to fathers over the age of 45 were at greater of having health problems. These included being born prematurely, having a low birth or being admitted to an intensive unit. Babies born to older fathers were not as healthy.

One doctor said more research was needed to prove that fathers conceive less-healthy babies. The doctor said: "I think it's to understand that the risks we are seeing are . So for an individual, the may not change much." The research data could show that governments might want to be aware of risks. He said: "There may be public health of men...waiting to conceive." The doctor concluded that: "While the oldest father is 96, this research suggests that the risk to child and may increase if fathers conceive ."

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