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The USA has re-imposed sanctions on Iran. It warned Iran would be "relentless" unless it changes its "revolutionary ". President Trump reinstated all sanctions that were lifted in 2015 after the Iranian nuclear . Most sanctions target Iran's . The U.S. described the new as, "the toughest U.S. sanctions imposed on Iran". It added they would, "target critical of Iran's economy, such as the energy, shipping and shipbuilding, and financial sectors" to put " financial pressure on the Iranian regime".

Iran's president was in the face of the renewed sanctions. He said: "We will break the sanctions." He described Mr Trump's administration as, "a to the era of Bush junior and a of the same statements as 2003". He said: "The Iranian people have heard these hundreds of times, and no pay attention." The Al Jazeera news said the sanctions were a step. It wrote: "With one Trump signature, the that had been built between Iranians and the rest of the world crumbled in a of months."

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