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   also      cultural      different      dinner      eyeball      food      founder      meat      museum      nice      not      parts      people      senses      sight      some      sources      things      why      world  
A new might make you want to eat your . It is the Disgusting Food Museum in Sweden. It will get people to think about they love or hate food. They might also think about other food . The museum's was researching the effect had on the environment. He then thought about sources of protein, like insects. He opened the museum to get to think about eating bugs or other .

The museum will test our of smell, touch, and taste. People think some food from around the is "disgusting," but people in other of the world think it is . The museum includes like fried tarantula and sheep juice. The founder said our culture teaches us to think food is not tasty. He said: "What we find disgusting has to be learned - it's purely ." He is worried the museum might smell.

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