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The words
The UK Prime Minister Theresa May is [battling / battled] to save the Brexit divorce deal with the European Union, and her job. The Brexit agreement is [in / on] danger after the UK Brexit secretary Dominic Raab and [another / other] senior ministers resigned. They quit because of the "final" [dealt / deal] that Ms May [agreed / agreement] with Europe on Thursday. Mr Raab said the deal was bad for the UK. He said it would not allow the UK to [believe / leave] the EU. Ms May said her government has a [choice / choose] . It must choose to leave the EU with no deal, risk Brexit never [happening / happen] , or support her deal. She said: "The [choose / choice] is clear. We can choose to leave with no deal, we can risk no Brexit at all, or we can choose to [unity / unite] and support the best deal that can be negotiated."

Brexit means "British [exit / excite] from the European Union". On June 23, 2016, the British people voted to leave [the / an] EU. Nearly 52 per cent of voters voted to leave. They voted to leave [so / because] they thought Britain would be stronger outside of the EU. They wanted the UK to have more [control / controlled] over its future and to make trade [agrees / agreements] with other countries. They also wanted to be [free / flee] from EU laws. People who voted to stay believe the UK is [stronger / strength] as part of the EU. The United Kingdom is [dew / due] to leave the EU on March 29, 2019, at 11pm UK time. It is still unclear if or how the UK will leave the EU. Thursday's [draft / daft] deal has further [divided / multiplied] the country. Many people believe the UK's government will not agree to the new deal.

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