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   art      birth      bronze      care      conception      controversial      egg      embryo      everyone      extraordinary      famous      hospital      human      mission      new      newborn      process      sense      show      them  
A artwork by the British artist Damien Hirst is on in Doha, Qatar. Hirst is for using dead sharks and cows in his . His new modern-art work is called The Miraculous Journey. It is 14 giant sculptures that show the beginning of life from to birth. The first exhibit shows sperm entering an . The sculptures move from the egg producing an , a fetus in a giant womb, and finally a baby. The very detailed sculptures are between 5 and 14 meters high. They have been put in front of a women's .

Not is happy with the sculptures. They are very . A Qatari art specialist said: "They are meant to create debates. We are not expecting everyone to like [or] understand them." She added: "They reflect the hospital's of taking of the healthcare of women and babies." Mr Hirst said: "Culturally, it's the first naked sculpture in the Middle East." He added: "The journey a baby goes through before is bigger than anything it will experience in its life....The sculpture will instill...a of...wonder at this human ."

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