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Reggae music has become a global [culturally / cultural] treasure. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has added reggae to its [listed / list] of cultural forms it deems [worthy / worth] of protecting and [prompting / promoting] . UNESCO officially recognized reggae as an "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity". Reggae is a [musician / music] genre that [original / originated] in Jamaica in the early 1960s. Pioneers included artists such [as / has] Toots and the Maytals, Peter Tosh and the legendary Bob Marley. The Jamaican government was [pleased / pleasing] with reggae's new [statues / status] . Olivia Grange, Jamaica's culture minister, said: "Reggae is uniquely Jamaican. It is a music that we have created that has [penetrated / penetration] all corners of the world."

UNESCO [defined / refined] reggae as being, "an amalgam of numerous musical [influential / influences] ," including Jamaican and Caribbean forms, neo-African styles, soul and rhythm and [blue / blues] from North America, and Ska and Rock Steady. It described the [importantly / importance] of the music, saying: "Reggae music was the [voice / vocal] of the marginalized. The music is now played and embraced by a [width / wide] cross-section of society, including [variety / various] genders, ethnic and religious groups." It added: "Reggae's contribution to international [discourse / recourse] on issues of injustice, resistance, love and humanity [musical scores / underscores] the dynamics of the [music] as being...cerebral, socio-political, [sensed / sensual] and spiritual."

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