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France is experiencing social [unjust / unrest] it has not experienced for generations. The country famous for its revolutions and [projects / protests] has been rocked by a [serious / series] of nationwide, violent demonstrations. Hundreds of thousands of people have [given / taken] to the streets for the past four weekends and have brought [chaos / chaotic] to businesses, transport and the French economy. The protests are being led by the Yellow Vests Movement, so [calling / called] because protestors [don / don't] high-visibility yellow jackets usually [adorn / worn] by the emergency services. The protests are motivated by [rising / risen] fuel prices, the high cost of living, and claims that an unequal burden of new tax reforms were falling [in / on] the working and middle classes.

France's President Emmanuel Macron has [declared / compared] "a state of social and economic emergency". The violence has [clause / caused] over a billion dollars in damages so [far / farther] . This figure is set to rise as [more / amore] demos are planned. Paris has suffered the [brunt / blunt] of the protests and authorities are closing famous sites like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. To [quell / dwell] public anger, Mr Macron has promised to cancel his proposed rise [on / in] fuel prices, deliver tax relief for the poor and cancel a tax on [retirement / retired] people. He called for the havoc and mayhem to end and for calm and [order / orderly] to return. He said: "No anger justifies attacking a police officer...or damaging a shop or public building. When violence is [unarmed / unleashed] , freedom ends."

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