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The children's TV show Sesame Street has introduced a new to highlight homeless children. The educational TV , which started in 1969, is helping to tackle the of homelessness. It is using a character called Lily - a 7-year-old girl who is . Lily's suffering is the as that of over 2.5 million homeless children in the USA and millions around the world. A Sesame Street spokeswoman hoped that Lily would reduce the associated with homelessness. She said Lily could help children feel alone.

The iconic show has a long of raising awareness of social issues, like dealing with who are in prison, living with , and bullying at school. The spokeswoman stressed the of reaching out to homeless children. She said: "We know children experiencing homelessness are caught up in a devastating of trauma....Those children may suffer due to , domestic violence, or other trauma that caused to lose their ." She added: "We want homeless children to know that are not alone."

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