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The words
A drone shut down England's second [largest / large] airport for 30 hours earlier this week. Police are hunting for the people who [operation / operated] the drone. Some people [belief / believe] the people are "eco-warriors". These are activists who [take / have] part in protests or take action to [rise / raise] awareness of environmental problems. The drone prevented flights [from / for] leaving the UK's Gatwick Airport on Wednesday and Thursday. The airport was [force / forced] to close its runway. Over 120,000 travellers have been [affected / effected] . Many of them were trying to [fly / flight] home for Christmas. Instead, they had to sleep on the airport floor or try to find flights from other airports. Some passengers spent nine hours sitting on a plane near the [boarding / boarded] gate.

The British government is now [talking / taking] about the actions it can take if other people use drones [to / for] cause chaos. They are worried people could use drones [on / to] attack airports, nuclear power stations and other important buildings. Police said they were [in / to] "a game of cat and mouse" with the drone. They said: "Each [times / time] we believe we got close to the operator, the drone [disappearance / disappears] ; when we look to reopen the airfield, the drone reappears [still / again] ." This happened many times. Hundreds of police officers and the British Army helped to [fund / find] the drone's operator, but couldn't. The police are [worry / worried] a drone could cause a plane to crash. The operator of the drone could face [down / up] to five years in jail.

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