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China has become the [firstly / first] nation ever to successfully land a spacecraft on the far [side / siding] of the moon. The official China Central Television station announced that the [lunatic / lunar] explorer spaceship, Chang'e 4, touched [up / down] at 10:26am on Thursday. Professor Zhu Menghua, from Macau University of Science and Technology, said the [success / succession] of the mission was a [majority / major] milestone for China and established the nation as a pioneer [on / in] space exploration. He told the New York Times: "We Chinese people have done [anything / something] that the Americans have not [dared / daring] try." Sun Zezhou, chief designer of Chang'e-4, said: "Landing on the far side of the moon is more [risqué / risky] than landing on the near side."

The Chang'e-4 [probe / globe] started sending photographs back to Earth soon after it landed [in / on] the moon's surface. The China National Space Administration said the mission had, "lifted the mysterious [fail / veil] " from the far side of the moon and "opened a [new / news] chapter in human lunar exploration". Sun Zezhou told reporters about the [signify / significance] of the program. He said it would, "help [lay / lie] the foundation for future space exploration." He [addition / added] : "A high-precision landing is a necessity [of / for] further exploring the moon and asteroids. We hope to be [ability / able] to reach the whole moon and even the whole solar system." China also has plans to launch a [returnable / return] spacecraft (Chang'e 5) by 2020.

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