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The words
There is new technology that means we may no [lengthen / longer] need to go to the optician for an eye test. The new technology is a device that is [use / used] with a smartphone. The device tests our eyes and gives [us / we] a number that tells us how good or [well / bad] our eyesight is. We can then take this number to an optician to order a [pair / pairs] of glasses, or order the glasses online. The new device is from a [startup / finishing] company called EyeQue. It has been used to test the [eye / eyes] of 50,000 people. The company says the results of the smartphone eye test are as good [was / as] the results you get by [visiting / visits] an optician. The simple device costs just $30. An updated version will come out later this year and will cost [between / among] $50 to $70.

An EyeQue spokesman said the device was [better / cheap] than going to visit an optician. He said: "The reason [from / for] that is when you go to the eye doctor, it's one [momentum / moment] in time. You may be having a bad day. You may be [nervous / nerves] . The doctor may be in a [hurry / harry] . What we do is [difference / different] measures over time. We are able to average it out, and we get a better result." However, the spokesman said the device wasn't a [replacement / replaced] for the optician. An optician will check for things the device cannot check for, [some / like] cataracts and lens damage. One optician said, "the EyeQue, used [correctly / correction] and regularly, could actually speed up identification" of problems which an optician could then help [to / with] .

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