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The words
The Republic of Macedonia has decided to [chance / change] its name. It agreed on Friday to rename the country the Republic of North Macedonia. The name change is the [result / answer] of a 27-year dispute with Greece. Macedonia [reclaimed / declared] independence in 1991 after the break-up [off / of] the former country Yugoslavia. It became a [member / membership] of the United Nations in 1993, but its name [cause / caused] an argument with Greece. Greece's largest [region / legion] is also called Macedonia. The Greek government said it [owning / owned] the name "Macedonia". Greece blocked its neighbor’s attempts to [joint / join] the EU and NATO over the use of the name "Macedonia". Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said the name change would, "[open / openly] the doors to the future".

The name change comes after a decade of [discusses / talks] between Macedonia and Greece. Just over 67 per cent of representatives [on / in] Macedonia's parliament voted [for / of] the name change. Eighty-one MPs voted in [flavor / favor] of the name change in the 120-seat parliament. Opposition politicians, who [opposed / opposition] the agreement with Greece, boycotted the [boat / vote] . Several hundred people protested against the deal in front of Macedonia's parliament over the [past / passed] three days. An opposition leader was [angrily / angry] over the talks to change the country's name. He said: "Look how publicly, how openly, this trade is going on with Macedonia's name and [identity / identify] - just like at a market stall." The next step is for Greece to [official / officially] agree to the change.

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