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The teenage Saudi asylum seeker who [fled / freed] Saudi Arabia two weeks ago has been [gland / granted] asylum by Canada. Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun, 18, [arrived / arrival] at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on Saturday. She was greeted [by / for] Canada's Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, who told reporters: "This is a very [brave / bravery] new Canadian." She added: "Rahaf wanted Canadians to see [what / that] she has arrived at her new home. She has had a very [long / length] and tiring journey and so would [prefer / rather] not to take questions today. And she is now going to go to her new home.” Rahaf was all smiles as she was [wished / whisked] through the airport wearing a hoodie emblazoned [on / with] the word "Canada".

Rahaf is [freeing / fleeing] alleged abuse by her family, whom she claims want to kill her. She was [detention / detained] in Bangkok on January 6th while trying to [bored / board] a flight to Australia, where she [initially / initial] wanted to seek asylum. She appealed [for / of] help on Twitter and her plight gained worldwide attention. She was then granted refugee status by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. Canada's decision to [grand / grant] asylum to Rahaf could [worsen / worsening] relations between Canada and Saudi. Relations are already strained after Canada called for the release of a jailed Saudi human rights [activism / activist] . Saudi suspended new trade with Canada, [froze / frozen] Saudi flights to and from Toronto, and cancelled [scholarships / scholars] for Saudi students in Canada.

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