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The words
Much of mid- and northeastern America is in the [mid / middle] of a deadly cold snap. Many states from Michigan in the north to Georgia in the south are [experienced / experiencing] freezing temperatures not [experienced / experiencing] for decades. It is currently colder in many parts of the USA than it [is / isn't] in Antarctica. The cold spell is because of what is called a polar vortex. This is a swirling [massive / mass] of air and wind that has come down from the Arctic, which is where the North Pole [be / is] . The government has [declared / bonus] states of emergency in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. Many schools and businesses have been closed [dew / due] to the extreme cold. People have been [warned / warred] not to travel, and even not to go outside and breathe in the icy [air / gas] .

The weather website AccuWeather said that the temperature in Thief River Falls, in the state of Minnesota, [dropped / fall] to a real-feel minus sixty degrees Celsius. Many parts of the Chicago River [twisted / turned] to ice, Niagara Falls turned into a winter wonderland and parts of Lake Michigan froze [under / over] . The bitter freeze is [belief / believed] to be responsible for the [deaths / dead] of at least eight people so [farther / far] . Health officials are urging people to go outside only [if / whether] it is absolutely necessary. They warned that [exposing / supposing] the skin to the freezing air was dangerous. It could lead to frostbite or breathing problems. People were also [sensed / urged] to be careful when shoveling snow outside and be careful of blocks of snow and ice falling from the [roof / ceiling] .

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