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   agreements      Brexit      bully      citizens      coast      colony      controversy      government      inappropriate      island      not      part      provocative      respect      shared      solution      sovereignty      territory      there      war  
The UK objected to the EU calling the of Gibraltar a "". An EU document about UK travelling to the EU after says: "Gibraltar is a colony of the British Crown. There is a ...concerning the over Gibraltar, a territory for which a has to be reached." The UK replied: "Gibraltar is a colony and it is completely to describe it in this way....Gibraltar is... of the UK....This will not change."

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory next to Spain's . Over 30,000 people live . In 1704, Britain captured it in a . Spain gave it to the UK in 1713, but still claims the . It wants the EU to exclude Gibraltar from with the UK. Gibraltar voted against a UK-Spanish sovereignty by 99% to 1% in 2002. Gibraltar said Spain was a . It said Spain's was "making statements in of Gibraltar".

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