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Russia has [responded / response] to the USA withdrawing from an arms treaty by [announcement / announcing] it has plans to build more missiles. News that the USA will [exit / entrance] the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (INFT) and Russia's response [raised / arose] concerns about a new arms race. Moscow immediately said it would end its [self / own] involvement in the arms limitation treaty. In [plus / addition] , Russian media stated that Russia's military would develop a "100 megaton nuclear doomsday device" in [response / distress] to the USA pulling out of the treaty. The INFT was signed in 1987. It was an [attempt / address] to limit the number of missiles that were [capable / capability] of hitting many European capitals. It banned both countries from using short- and medium-[range / brand] missiles.

The media have written [extension / extensively] about a new "super-missile". This is an unstoppable, undersea, 100-megaton nuclear [warmonger / warhead] . Experts say it is so fast it can [evade / invade] all current missile defense systems. They also say it is powerful [enough / very] to cause catastrophic devastation, such [was / as] creating 100-meter tsunami waves and enough radiation to [wipe / whip] out life for a thousand kilometers. One Russian newspaper wrote: "One of the 100 megaton nuclear warheads will [sit / crouch] off the US coast. Any US attack on Russia would be a [suicide / suicidal] misadventure." However, the paper [omitted / permitted] to mention the concept of M.A.D. - Mutually Assured Destruction. This scary scenario sees both countries wiping [each / one] other out.

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