Speed Reading — Citizenship - Level 1 — 300 wpm 

Now do this put-the-text-back-together activity.

This is the text (if you need help).

Britain has taken away the citizenship of a woman who joined ISIS. Shamima Begum, 19, left London when she was 15 to live in the Islamic State. The U.K. said any ISIS member could not have a U.K. passport. British journalists found Begum in a Syrian refugee camp. She said she wants to go home to London. She had her third child a few days ago. Her first two babies died. She married an ISIS fighter soon after reaching Syria. She said she enjoyed life in the IS.

International law says the U.K. cannot make anyone stateless. The U.K. said Begum is a citizen of Bangladesh because her mother was born there. Bangladesh said there is "no question" of her being allowed into the country. Bangladesh is angry that the U.K. called her Bangladeshi. Begum said she has "one citizenship". She said: "I wasn't born in Bangladesh, I've never seen Bangladesh." Ms Begum's baby could still be British.

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