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Following the [death / dead] in Paris on Tuesday of legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, news is [emerged / emerging] that his pet cat could inherit millions of dollars. His [fluff / fluffy] , white Birman cat, Choupette, became a global, feline [icon / iconic] after she became Lagerfeld's pet and companion. In an interview [last / past] year with fashion magazine Vogue, Lagerfeld said he would leave part [by / of] his estimated $150 million fortune to Choupette. She could [be / get] set to inherit millions of dollars. The cat is not exactly short of cash. Lagerfeld said Choupette was the "most famous" and "richest" cat [in / on] the world. She made $3 million as [a / the] model in one year for just two jobs - one for a German car company and the other for a Japanese cosmetics [brand / bland] .

Karl Lagerfeld unashamedly [remits / admits] that he "stole" Choupette from her former [owner / own] . He explained: "Choupette belonged to a friend of [mine / me] who asked if my maid could [take / taken] care of her for two weeks when he was away. When he came back, he was told that Choupette would not return to him." Lagerfeld [joked / jokes] : "He got another cat who became fat." Lagerfeld spent years [pandering / pampering] his pet. He fed her on a [diet / dietary] of king crab, smoked salmon and caviar. She enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle most of us can only dream of. She is looked [after / before] by two maids. Lagerfeld never let Choupette advertise cat food. He said: "I don't allow her to do [foodies / foodstuffs] and things like that. She's [far / very] too sophisticated."

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