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The United Nations has launched an appeal to [raise / rise] a whopping $4.2 billion in aid to help [abbreviate / alleviate] the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. It is the largest ever appeal made by the UN. It comes after the country has been [revered / ravaged] by years of war and is on the [brink / blank] of famine. The UN said it needs the money to help over 19 million people in the [war-tears / war-torn] nation. It estimates that nearly a [quartile / quarter] of a million Yemenis are suffering from [malnourishing / malnutrition] and are close to dying from [starvation / starved] . The UN said that around 80 per cent of the population needed [urgent / urgency] humanitarian assistance and protection. A UN spokesperson said the suffering of the people in Yemen has reached a scale not seen in [alive / living] memory.

The UN announced it had [final / finally] gained access to food stored at warehouses in the Red Sea [port / portly] city of Hudaydah. There is enough food stored [then / there] to feed around 3.7 million people for a month. The port has been inaccessible for the [passed / past] six months because of [heavy / heavily] fighting in the area. The UN was worried because the food was at risk of [rotten / rotting] . The UN said government forces and Houthi rebels could start to [withdraw / deposit] from around the city soon. It added: "It has really been a [horrific / horrify] year for millions and millions of people in Yemen, who are literally [balance / balancing] on the edge of famine and starvation. They need massive amounts of aid, water, [sanitary / sanitation] , and education for their children."

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