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A satellite start-up company has successfully [launching / launched] its first satellites in a project aimed [at / on] delivering "affordable" Internet access to every [corner / cornered] of the globe. The London-based company is called OneWeb. Its first six satellites were [put / got] into orbit on Wednesday in a launch from French Guiana. A Russian Soyuz rocket [transporting / transported] the pioneering spacecraft. OneWeb said it [eventual / eventually] wants to have around 900 spacecraft in an [extensive / extensively] network in space. Only 648 satellites are needed to provide global Internet [coverage / leverage] . OneWeb will start sending more Internet satellites into space towards the end of this year. The company [contends / intends] to launch several rockets every month, [each / both] carrying 39 satellites.

OneWeb CEO Adrian Steckel was [ecstatic / ecstasy] about the launch of the multi-billion-dollar project. He said it would [necessary / greatly] transform the lives of millions of people. He told reporters: "We're going to [contract / connect] lots of people who are not [currently / currency] connected. We're going to start by [focus / focusing] on connecting schools, connecting boats, connecting planes, and connecting huge [swathes / swats] of the planet." Not everyone is happy at the [prospect / project] of a global Internet network. Reports are that China is testing [jam / jammers] to block the network. North Korea might also [fear / afraid] the network could damage its national security. Russia has voiced concerns that OneWeb's network could be used to [gather / garter] intelligence.

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