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The words
Finland's [entire / entirety] government has resigned. It wanted to pass some laws on social welfare and healthcare reform. Its goals [were / was] an important part of its [plans / plants] for Finland. However, politicians in the government voted against the plans. Finland's Prime Minister Juha Sipila said he was "hugely disappointed". He said [him / he] and his colleagues would stay [on / in] as a "caretaker" government until [election / elections] in April. Mr Sipila wanted to change Finland's [healthy / health] and welfare system. He said it must change because Finland's [population / populated] is aging. It is under a lot of financial [pressure / pressured] . The government hoped its planned reforms would save up to $3.4 billion [over / plus] the next decade.

Many [politicians / politicize] in Finland believe the government is making a big mistake by resigning. They think it would have [being / been] better for the government to stay [in / on] power until next month's elections. Prime Minister Sipila said resigning was the [rights / right] thing to do because it did not get support for its plans. He [told / spoke] reporters: "The conclusion I've drawn is that my government has no [choose / choice] but to hand in its letter of resignation. I'll [shoulder / hip] my responsibility." One of Mr Sipila's colleagues agreed that it was right for the government [as / to] resign. Antti Kaikkonen, a senior member of the Centre Party, said: "If anyone asks what political responsibility [defines / means] , then I would say that this resignation is an [example / exemplar] ".

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