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The words
The World Wide Web is now thirty years [age / old] . Its inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has spoken about his [created / creation] on its 30th anniversary. He said he was worried about how people are [usage / using] the Internet and its two billion websites today. He also said he is [concerted / concerned] about the future of the Web. He wrote [a / the] letter saying he knew many people felt unsure about [weather / whether] the Web was "a force for good". He believes it can be a [farce / force] for good and can empower billions [of / for] people. He wrote that he believed governments and companies must work [together / them] to build a better Internet. He said: "If we give up on building a better Web now, then the Web will not have failed us. We will have [passed / failed] the Web."

Sir Tim had three [main / mainly] concerns about the World Wide Web. The first was [criminal / criminally] behavior, like state-sponsored [hacking / backing] and online harassment. He described it as a "[minor / mirror] of humanity" where "you will see good and bad". He said governments must [pass / past] laws to keep people safe. A second thing that worried Berners-Lee is how social media is used to [spread / shred] misinformation. The past few years have seen a [rise / raise] in fake news. In particular, how people were tricked during the 2016 US presidential election and the UK Brexit vote. Berners-Lee is also [worry / worried] about people's privacy and personal information. He stressed the [importance / important] of fighting for a better and safer Web and keeping it [free / freely] for everyone to use.

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