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Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has [grounded / grounding] the entire global fleet of its 737 Max aircraft. The move [following / follows] last week's fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash. That was the second time in five [monthly / months] a 737 Max has crashed. Last October, a plane from the Indonesia-based carrier Lion Air crashed [on / in] what aviation [experts / expertise] are saying are similar circumstances. Investigators have recovered the black boxes from the crash [sight / site] in Ethiopia and will study the [data / datum] in them to ascertain the reason for the aircraft falling [in / from] the sky. Dan Elwell, a spokesman from the USA's Federal Aviation Administration, said: "It became clear…that the [track / truck] of the Ethiopian Airlines flight was very close and behaved very [similarly / similar] to the Lion Air flight."

Boeing has huge [hoping / hopes] for the 737 Max and views it as a key part of its future. The Max started flying [commercial / commercially] in 2017. Boeing has received over 5,000 [ordering / orders] for the aircraft and has delivered 371 to date. News of the grounding has been [disaster / disastrous] for Boeing's finances. The company's market value has [rocketed / plummeted] by nearly $26 billion since the crash in Ethiopia. Boeing president, [chief / chiefly] executive and chairman Dennis Muilenburg said: "We are doing everything we can to understand the [case / cause] of the accidents in partnership with the investigators, [deploy / ploy] safety enhancements and help [sure / ensure] this does not happen again." Boeing said that it "continues to have full confidence [in / on] the safety of the 737 Max".

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