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The words
People all over the world are [angry / angrily] because the video of the massacre at a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand is still [in / on] social media sites. On Friday, a terrorist [gunned / guns] down and killed 50 worshippers who were praying [at / to] two mosques. The gunman live-streamed a video of the shootings on Facebook. The video [has / have] spread across social media. Many people think social media companies have not [done / taken] enough to take the video [on / off] their sites. As the video continued to spread, many social media [usage / users] posted messages asking people to stop sharing it. One user said: "That is what [the / a] terrorist wanted." Another user said social media sites quickly [take / rake] down music videos but not terror videos.

Facebook said it acted [quickly / quick] to take the video down. A spokeswoman said: "New Zealand Police alerted us [as / to] a video on Facebook shortly after the live-stream [commencement / commenced] . We quickly removed [both / bother] the shooter's Facebook and Instagram accounts and the video." YouTube said it [removal / removes] "shocking, violent and graphic [contain / content] " as soon as people tell them about it. The UK's Home Secretary Sajid Javid said social media sites must [doing / do] more to stop the spread of "sick material" [online / lining] . Mr Javid said: "It is wrong and it is illegal. Online platforms have a [responsible / responsibility] not to do the terrorists' work for them. This terrorist filmed his shooting with the intention [to / of] spreading his ideology."

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