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Women in Germany will be [able / ability] to enjoy cheaper rail travel on Monday. They will be given [the / a] 21 per cent reduction in fares as [party / part] of Germany's Equal Pay Day events. Equal Pay Day is dedicated to raising awareness of the [gander / gender] pay gap. It symbolizes the number of [addition / additional] days a woman must work in a year to earn what men [earn / earnings] . The exact day differs in each country, depending on pay [disparity / disparaging] . It is enthusiastically celebrated in Germany, where women are paid 21 per cent [fewer / less] compared to men in terms of average [gross / gloss] hourly earnings. Berlin's public transport company is reducing the cost of its day travel ticket by 21 per cent, charging €5.50 instead [off / of] the usual €7.00.

Berlin's metro system was [halfheartedly / wholeheartedly] backing its Equal Pay Day initiative. It is advertising it with an online ad that [wows / vows] to actually [close / closet] the gender pay gap. It says: "Gender-specific wage gap. Sounds stupid. Is stupid. We'll close it." [Critics / Criticism] of the cheaper day pass say it won't [necessary / necessarily] help women as most workers in the city buy [monthly / month] travel passes. The day passes are [largesse / largely] purchased by tourists. Men could find themselves [in / on] trouble if they try to buy the cheaper day pass. The Metro said men found using the discounted tickets would be treated like regular fare [invaders / evaders] . Any man caught with the day pass will be deemed a fare [dodgy / dodger] and receive a €60 fine.

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