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tell wear have become want make relax choose exercise dress
think wear give look behave expect think be dress allow
More and more companies around the world are staff they do not need to a suit and tie. In the last century, most business people and office workers to wear business clothes. In today's world, that is less important. Companies now their workers to dress in a more casual way. This is to staff feel more relaxed, so they work harder. The latest international company to its dress code is the investment bank Goldman Sachs. It said its staff could not to wear a suit, but asked employees to " good judgment" in deciding how to for work. It said the shift was due to "the changing nature of workplaces generally in favor of a more casual environment."

Many people in business more casual dress is not a good thing. Justin Urquhart Stewart, founder of the investment company 7IM, said not a suit and tie could a bad impression to clients and customers. He said: "You're after people's money, so you should and dress respectfully. I would not to hand over my pension to someone in jeans, loafers and a football shirt. It may be old-fashioned but I it would dangerous for a business to do that." He added: "If you let people sloppily, that is how your brand will be perceived." Many companies, like Google and Amazon, their staff to dress casually and wear jeans and T-shirts to the office.

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