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It is for schools in England. They have money to spend and have to cut back on things. The UK government has cut school . A head teacher in south London cannot pay for or canteen staff. She has to help to clean the toilets and serve students in the herself. She recently told reporters that she was because her school did not have enough to support her students. She has sold school land, cut subjects and fired her -head teacher to keep school open.

The London school is like many schools in the UK. Thousands of head teachers have made difficult about to spend their school's money. Over 7,000 teachers wrote to 3.5 million parents to explain is no money. Schools have asked parents to volunteer to help the children. Some schools asked for toilet paper and other for classrooms. One school gives students just one of A4 paper a month. Head teachers want to meet the UK's secretary, but he refused. The UK government said for education was a .

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