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The words
All new cars [sold / sales] in Europe from 2022 will have technology to limit their speed. New safety [rulers / rules] from the European Union will require new cars to have "intelligent [speedy / speed] assistance" systems. These will be standard [equip / equipment] on cars, just like seatbelts and airbags. There are other things that cars will be [fitted / fits] with. All cars will have breathalyzers that won't allow driving if the driver has [drank / drunk] too much alcohol. Cars must also have advanced emergency [braking / broken] , a built-in data recorder, [drowsiness / browser] and distraction monitoring, and sensors to help when [reversal / reversing] . The EU said 25,000 people are killed each year on Europe's roads. Most accidents are caused [by / at] human error. The new safety systems will reduce road deaths.

There has been [mixing / mixed] reaction to the new safety features. Some people agree with them, while [another / others] disagree. The EU said the features would make driving a [lot / loads] safer. It said: "With the new advanced safety [futures / features] ...we can have the same kind of [impact / compact] as when safety belts were first introduced." It added that the new safety features could [save / safety] up to 10,500 lives and [avoid / evade] up to 60,000 serious injuries by the year 2030. Many drivers are [unhappily / unhappy] with the technology. They say it could make roads more dangerous because driving requires [human / humane] judgment. One British driver said he didn't want data recorders in his car because that was like Big Brother was watching [he / him] .

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