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   amount      billion      business      city      dozens      gardens      greener      initiative      leisure      life      livable      oil      park      project      revenue      such      thousands      tourism      world      year  
Saudi Arabia will invest $23 to improve its capital , Riyadh. A project will beautify the city, create of jobs, boost leisure and , and create "one of the world's most cities". A further $15 billion in private sector funding will finance opportunities. Saudi's Crown Prince will oversee the ambitious as part of his Vision 2030 . This aims to diversify Saudi's sources and not rely on .

Other capitals can only dream of huge money. Saudi will improve the quality of for Riyadh's 5 million residents. A focus on will see over 130km of cycling track, a huge new and hundreds of art installations. Riyadh will be a city, with 16 times the of green space. It will have 7.5 million new trees and of community . Work on the project will begin later this and will take around 10 years to complete.

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