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The words
This year will see one of the world's biggest [event / ever] dinosaur digs. Paleontologists from [across / crossed] the globe will go to a special [sight / site] in the U.S. state of Wyoming to [join / joint] the dig. A paleontologist is someone who studies fossils. The dig is called Mission Jurassic. Researchers from the USA, England and Holland will join the Mission Jurassic team. They will try to find [boned / bones] from dinosaurs that lived in the [arena / area] 150 million years ago, in the Jurassic Era. The site of the dig is [knowing / known] as the Jurassic Mile. It is [rough / roughly] 2.6 square kilometers in size. Scientists have already uncovered [many / much] interesting things over the past two years. These include dinosaur footprints, fossil plants and the bones of a 30-metre-[long / length] Diplodocus.

The bones found at the dig will go [in / on] display in Indianapolis - at the world's largest [children's / children] museum. Professor Paul Barrett, a researcher [on / at] the museum and a co-leader of the dig, said: "This is an area that hasn't been...[extensive / extensively] studied....The hope is to find [news / new] material of previously described species and, if we're lucky, new [species / specials] of dinosaurs and the animals and plants that lived around [them / that] ." Another museum professor, Richard Herrington, said: "This site offers a [rarity / rare] opportunity to build a picture of what the real Jurassic ecosystem would have looked [like / likely] 150 million years ago." He hopes to find fossils, "from plants and invertebrates to ancient crocodiles, mammals, lizards and marine [live / life] ".

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