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The words
A [family / familiar] from New Zealand had a shock when they [strayed / stayed] at a hotel in Ireland. There was a hidden camera in their hotel room. The camera was live-streaming their actions [under / over] the Internet to the world. The father in the family was an IT [security / secure] consultant. He was an expert on wifi networks. When he was [in / on] his room, he scanned the wifi network at the hotel. He noticed there was one [device / devise] called "IP camera". This device did not [belong / belonging] to him or his wife, so he became suspicious. He was [ability / able] to find the live-stream from the camera on the hotel's network. He said: "I could see the live-stream video of [myself / ones-self] looking at my phone. I had this horrible, sinking feeling that we were [been / being] watched."

The man [finally / final] found the camera hidden in a smoke [detractor / detector] in the ceiling of his hotel room. He immediately [conducted / contacted] the company Airbnb to complain. He said Airbnb did not give him any [advice / advise] about what to do. He said Airbnb did not seem to think the hidden camera was a problem. Airbnb later said they had [done / made] a mistake and apologized to the man and his family. It said: "The safety and [private / privacy] of our community is our priority. We [strict / strictly] prohibit hidden cameras in hotels." Hidden cameras in hotel rooms are becoming a problem [aground / around] the world. Last year, two South Korean men were arrested for secretly filming 1,600 [gusts / guests] in "love hotels". These are where couples go for a "romantic" [times / time] .

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