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The words
There is good news for [fan / fans] of the Star Wars movies. There will be another episode. It will be the [nth / ninth] film to be made. The name of the new Star Wars movie was announced [on / in] Chicago. It is called "The Rise of Skywalker". There is a two-minute [trailer / trail] of the movie for people to watch. The trailer is now on YouTube. It gives people a [tasty / taste] of what the new movie will be like. The trailer was first [posted / posting] on Twitter, with the words: "Every [generational / generation] has a legend." The new film will have an all-star [cast / cost] . Actor Mark Hamill will play Luke Skywalker, and the [lately / late] Carrie Fisher will play Princess Leia. Fisher died in 2016, but the filmmakers were able to use [previously / previous] unseen footage from the movie "The Force Awakens".

The Star Wars movies are [among / between] the most successful films ever made. The first one [is / was] released in 1977 and was made [by / from] the film-maker George Lucas. Over forty years later, they are still [hugely / hug] popular. Lucas' company Lucasfilm made the first six movies. Disney bought the company in 2012 for [just / justly] over $4 billion. In 2018, the total value of the Star Wars franchise was estimated to [do / be] around $65 billion. Film critic Roger Ebert said the first Star Wars movie changed Hollywood and [influenced / influence] how movies were made for decades [after / before] . The original Star Wars movie began [anew / a new] generation of films that used a lot of special effects and high-energy action [scenes / sins] .

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