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The police in London have [arresting / arrested] arrested than 1,000 protestors in the past week. Many of [central / centrally] London's busiest areas have been brought to a [standstill / still] as tens of thousands of demonstrators [staggered / staged] peaceful protests on bridges, [birthmarks / landmarks] and traffic intersections. The protestors are [party / part] of the newly formed Extinction Rebellion. This is a movement focused [in / on] bringing the UK government to declare climate change as a global emergency and to pass laws to [considerably / considerable] reduce the UK's carbon footprint. Campaigners have three [key / keyed] demands: for the government to "tell the truth about climate change"; to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025; and to create a citizens' assembly to oversee [progress / process] .

The Swedish teenage environmental [activism / activist] Greta Thunberg met leaders of the UK's main [political / policy] parties on Tuesday. The 16-year-old is a Nobel Peace Prize [nominee / nomination] . She is attributed with starting the global school protests [on / in] which students have been [stalking / striking] for a greener planet. She told politicians that the future of all the world's children had been "sold so that a small [numeral / number] of people can make unimaginable [amounts / volume] of money". She added: "You don't listen to the science because you are only [interesting / interested] in the answers that will allow you to [carry / curry] on as if nothing has happened." One protestor said: "I support Extinction Rebellion. Civil [disobedience / obedience] is important to show this is an emergency."

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