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The words
Football players in the UK's Premier League clubs were [paying / paid] over $3.7 billion last season. An annual report [on / in] football finances showed a 15 per cent increase in [revues / revenue] for the League's 20 clubs. The report is from the international accountancy company Deloitte. It reported that the [wager / wage] bill for Premier League teams went above $3.5 billion for the first time [every / ever] . The report said that almost 60 per cent of all the revenue [earned / earn] by the League goes [towards / forwards] wages. This is up from 55 per cent in the 2016/17 [season / seasoning] . The Premier League's [atop / top] six clubs, which include Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, have the highest wage bills [in / on] the League.

The Premier League is the top [revel / level] of English football leagues. It is the most-watched sports league in the world. People in 212 [countries / centuries] and territories, in 643 million homes [worldly / worldwide] watch it. This means it makes a [lot / loads] of money from television rights and merchandising. However, the increase in the wage bill has [reduced / induced] the profits earned by the clubs. Deloitte said: "With the emphasis [now / know] on clubs to generate revenue [grown / growth] ...it may be that we see the levels of pre-tax profit go down [over / overly] the next few years." The teams in the lower [halve / half] of the League are finding it more difficult to make a profit. The bottom three teams can lose up to $130 million if they are [regulated / relegated] from the Premier League.

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