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The words
A Japanese emperor has abdicated for the first time in more than 200 years. Emperor Akihito stepped [down / up] from the Chrysanthemum Throne on April 30 after 30 years of [been / being] the Japanese monarch. He made [weigh / way] for his son Crown Prince Naruhito to become the new emperor. Akihito [decision / decided] to step down because of his [health / healthy] . At the age of 85, he has been [visibly / visible] slowing down for the past few years. He has also had a [double / couple] of health scares. He believes his son is now better able to carry [in / out] the duties of emperor. Emperor Akihito will be remembered for using a [personal / personally] touch to bring his people together after many national disasters. He continually visited people after earthquakes, tsunami and [another / other] tragedies.

The new Emperor Naruhito became the 126th emperor to [ascend / send] the throne of the world's oldest [monarchy / monarch] . Naruhito, 59, spent two years studying [to / at] Oxford University. His wife, the new Empress Masako, studied at Harvard University and worked as a [diplomacy / diplomat] . A traditional ceremony [gave / took] place as part of the historic handover. In the ceremony, Naruhito received a [sacred / scared] sword, a jewel and official seals that date [forward / back] thousands of years. The ceremony took [place / location] in the middle of a ten-day Japanese holiday. The traditional Golden Week holiday was extended to allow people to [celebrate / celebration] the new emperor. Millions of Japanese were [pasted / glued] to their TVs and smartphones watching the historic event.

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