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A professor at a university in Norway believes a beluga whale that was found in the Arctic Ocean near Norway's northernmost point could be [party / part] of Russia's spy network. Local [residence / residents] reported that the beluga was [extremely / extreme] tame and enjoyed being [petted / potted] . Professor Audun Rikardsen said the creature was fitted with a [hairnet / harness] and mount for a spy camera. He said: "It is most [likely / liking] that the Russian Navy in Murmansk was [involvement / involved] ." However, news images show there is "Equipment of St. Petersburg" written on the harness in English. A local said: "The [talk / speak] in this hamlet is that it could have escaped from a Russian military [facility / faculty] or could have swum from St. Petersburg, Florida, because of the English-language [textual / text] ."

There is [much / many] speculation online as to where the whale came from. Journalists are asking [weather / whether] it came from whale and dolphin training facilities in St. Petersburg, Florida. The U.S. Navy is [knowing / known] to use dolphins to help divers on military [missions / mission] . A Russian naval [analysis / analyst] , Mikhail Barabanov, downplayed any [linked / links] the beluga might have with the Russian military. He said: "Even if there are [militia / military] programs for using marine animals for navy purposes, they are unlikely to [being / be] belugas." A Russian military official agreed. He told the BBC: "If we were [using / used] this animal for spying, do you really think we'd [attachment / attach] a mobile phone number with the message 'please call this number?'"

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