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The words
A university in Japan has said it will [no / not] longer hire teachers who smoke. Nagasaki University said it wants to [create / creative] a healthier environment for its workers and [student / students] . The university's president Shigeru Kono said: "Our job as a university is to look [before / after] our staff. We feel we have to [discourage / encourage] them from smoking." Many companies have also started not [recruiting / recruit] smokers. Mr Kono said there would be a ban [in / on] smoking anywhere in the university by teaching and other staff from August. In [added / addition] , staff and students will be banned from [taking / taken] cigarettes and lighters into any areas of the university from April 2020. Approximately eight per cent of the university's professors and teachers are [smokers / smoked] .

The no-smoking policy [taking / taken] by Nagasaki University is part of a growing [trendy / trend] in Japan to ban smoking in public spaces. There are currently [banned / bans] in many public places, [including / includes] restaurants and bars, in the lead-up [to / by] the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. There are many areas of Tokyo and Kyoto in [where / which] people cannot smoke on the streets. The number of people in Japan who smoke is [on / at] the decline. In 1966, 49 per cent of adults smoked, [includes / including] 84 per cent of men. Last year, 18 per cent of adults smoked, including 28 per cent of men. [One / Once] company in Japan is trying to get its staff to quit smoking by offering extra days off to employees who did not smoke. Several staff soon [quitting / quit] the habit.

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