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The words
San Francisco has become the [fast / first] city in the USA to ban facial recognition software. The city has said police and other [public / publicly] departments cannot [use / useful] the software. San Francisco already uses surveillance cameras for reading car [letter / number] plates and police officers wear body cameras. There is [facial / facially] recognition at airports. Many officials wanted to [introduction / introduce] facial recognition in the city to increase security. They said facial recognition technology would make it make it [cheaper / cheaply] and faster for police to find crime suspects and [identity / identify] missing people. An expert on information technology said: "A [ban / bin] on facial recognition will make San Francisco [cold / frozen] in time with outdated technology."

There are many [opposes / opponents] of the technology, which is [been / being] widely used in other [parts / part] of the world. San Francisco official Aaron Peskin called facial recognition a "Big Brother" technology. Big Brother is a character in [a / the] book "Nineteen Eighty-Four" by George Orwell. The phrase Big Brother is now used to describe [attempts / trying] by governments or authorities to increase surveillance and "spy" [on / in] citizens. Mr Peskin said: "We can have [secure / security] without being a security state. We can have [good / well] policing without being a police state." He added that: "Part of [that / what] is building trust with the community [basted / based] on good community information, not on Big Brother technology."

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