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The words
People who [watch / watching] the television programme Game of Thrones are not [happily / happy] . Over one million viewers have [signed / singed] a petition to get the final [eighth / eight] season of the show remade. They are unsatisfied [to / with] the story. The petition is on the Change.org website. It says the [cereal / series] "deserves a final season that [makes / does] sense". The petition was started by a man called Dylan D. He said the writers of the final show lacked [imagination / imagine] . He said the first seven seasons were great because the storyline of Game of Thrones [chased / followed] the books the show [went / came] from. The show's creators had to write the storyline for the final series themselves. Dylan D called the creators "woefully incompetent".

Game of Thrones is a fantasy [dramatic / drama] television series made by HBO. It is an [adaptation / adapt] of the book "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin. The series [premiered / premiere] on HBO in 2011. The finale was [faired / aired] on Sunday night. The show has [attraction / attracted] record viewing numbers and is hugely [population / popular] worldwide. It has also won many awards, including 47 Primetime Emmy Awards - the most ever by a drama series. Despite the [huge / hug] number of people who signed the petition for a season eight remake, [fans / fan] have been watching in record numbers. It has had an [attitude / audience] of over 12 million for each show. A spokesperson said that for every person who dislikes the show, there are many more who [loves / love] it.

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